Stop Biting Your Nails

Ever since I was a little kid I always bit my nails and sucked my thumb before I went to sleep. I probably stopped around 4th grade (I know, embarrassing.) No one really made fun of it since they didn’t see me suck my thumb but the nails part, I guess it was pretty normal. I decided to stop because my nails looked really ugly and they started to hurt if I bit too much off. So now I’m going to show you some of the methods I used to hinder it.

1. Put Nail Polish On

Even if you’re a guy, put clear nail polish. The unappealing taste of nail polish will stop you from biting them and maybe show you the potential your nails could have if you stopped this bad habit.

2. Put Hot Sauce or Tape

Pour hot sauce on you nails or wrap tape around them. My dad always did this to me when I was younger and it was pretty smart, but I really needed to try hard in order for it to work.

3. Look up Bitten Nails on the Internet

Once you see those pics and realize how it makes you cringe, hopefully you’ll subconsciously convince yourself to stop.

4. It Hurts

If you’ve ever took off a cuticle or bit your nail too far, your finger has probably hurt or shed blood. You have to realize that it hurts and is doing no good especially if you’re eating the nail too.

5. Get Acrylics

This could be expensive and I never really used this method. I never needed to but for the blog post I decided to put another commonly used technique. Go to the Nail Salon and ask for acrylics(fake nails.) It will be put on top of your nail so you can’t actually bite it and these stay on for a good amount of time. Just be careful and go to a good salon so there’s no way it could harm your actual nail underneath.



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