Favorite Fast Breakfast Meals

1. Oatmeal

small bowl of oatmeal with WATER, not milk, and a little bit of sugar.

2. Egg Toast

one sunny-side-up egg with salt and pepper, with whole grain toasted bread

3. Cereal

Frosted Flakes, Kellogs, Cinnamon Toast, Fruit Loops. Though not the healthiest, one of my favorites. With Almond Milk, of course.

4. Banana

When you’re in a hurry and not that hungry, it’s fast and on the go.

5. Apple

Sliced, with peanut butter and chocolate chips


I know basically everyone knows what these meals were but since they were my favorite, I decided to just jot them down for everyone. 😉





Fix Your Sleep Schedule

One of the things that have improved my life in general is fixing my sleep schedule. It made my skin look glowy and rejuvenated. I woke up satisfied and ready to start my day.

Tip #1

Don’t take naps. Midday naps tend to make me feel groggier and I’ll end up staying awake till 12:00am

Tip #2

Unwind;  whatever you do before bed that’ll send your mind the signal:GO TO BED. Maybe it’s taking a warm shower, nighttime skincare, or even turning the lights off.

Tip #3

Read a book/ One sheet of homework. Save an easy sheet of homework to do before you go to bed or pick up a nice cozy book to kick off the edge.

Tip #4

Turn off all distractions. Lights, phones, and close doors. Put devices on a far table because sleeping next to the device gives off radiation which causes cancer and could catch on fire from heat.

Tip #5

Get yourself situated. Fix your bed, align your pillows, and get your blanky.


Sleep tight, creatures






One of my favorite things to do for myself is read my horoscope. I conveniently read from this app, DailyHoroscope, and from that one magazine on Snapchat. You know what I’m talking about lol. I’m a Gemini and born on June 8 (same as Kanye West hint hint). This app is great, it shows your daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly horoscope. It also shows your compatibility with other signs, characteristics, even your Chinese signs. It’s easy to navigate and has a user-friendly layout. If you’re as obsessed with it as me, you won’t be able to start your day without it. Horoscopes for me just open up my mind and show me the bigger meaning of life, one day at a time. The funny thing is they are always relatable if I had a bad encounter or even just giving me a tip of the day. As cringy as it sounds it tells me exactly what I need to hear, weirdly enough.

Comment down below your sign!

Stop Biting Your Nails

Ever since I was a little kid I always bit my nails and sucked my thumb before I went to sleep. I probably stopped around 4th grade (I know, embarrassing.) No one really made fun of it since they didn’t see me suck my thumb but the nails part, I guess it was pretty normal. I decided to stop because my nails looked really ugly and they started to hurt if I bit too much off. So now I’m going to show you some of the methods I used to hinder it.

1. Put Nail Polish On

Even if you’re a guy, put clear nail polish. The unappealing taste of nail polish will stop you from biting them and maybe show you the potential your nails could have if you stopped this bad habit.

2. Put Hot Sauce or Tape

Pour hot sauce on you nails or wrap tape around them. My dad always did this to me when I was younger and it was pretty smart, but I really needed to try hard in order for it to work.

3. Look up Bitten Nails on the Internet

Once you see those pics and realize how it makes you cringe, hopefully you’ll subconsciously convince yourself to stop.

4. It Hurts

If you’ve ever took off a cuticle or bit your nail too far, your finger has probably hurt or shed blood. You have to realize that it hurts and is doing no good especially if you’re eating the nail too.

5. Get Acrylics

This could be expensive and I never really used this method. I never needed to but for the blog post I decided to put another commonly used technique. Go to the Nail Salon and ask for acrylics(fake nails.) It will be put on top of your nail so you can’t actually bite it and these stay on for a good amount of time. Just be careful and go to a good salon so there’s no way it could harm your actual nail underneath.


5 Steps to Getting the Most Out of Your Life

Need motivation or a purpose in life? Enjoy.

1. Try Everything

You’re never too old to try something. Never be afraid or worry that you’re the worst one there because everyone starts somewhere. I, as an example, just started taking tumbling classes again to help with cheer tryouts in a year. Just make sure you give yourself time to learn the skill and not quit right away.

2. Have a Creative Outlet

Whether it’s blogging, videography, painting, photography, or calligraphy. Find a hobby that will relax you and will allow you to express your feelings.

3. Read

Reading broadens your mind. There are different genres, aka there’s a book for everyone.  When you’re reading you’re constantly learning the new vocabulary, characters, subject, and mindsets of different people.

4. Get Experience

When you find your passion or career option, do whatever you can to learn more about it and what you can do better; this will ensure you that you are positive and hardworking for your place. Maybe apply for an internship, a work class, or basically just read up on it. wink wink (Rule 3)

5. Find a Consistent Hobby

Having a weekly class, once or twice a week, makes you feel much more productive and more motivated to get things done. For example, finishing your homework before dance class. Or waking up early for piano lessons. This is great for dance classes, music lessons, sports, tutoring, etc.

What to Know When You’re in the Process of Moving

1. Start Packing and Sorting

It’s best to start right away, so during those last two weeks you’re not stressing about where you put those scissors. Pro tip: If you’re just lifting these boxes by yourself, use smaller easier to carry boxes.

2. The House is Bound to Get Messy

When you’re a neat freak like me, you hate clutter. But in the process of moving, it’s gonna happen. So you might wanna restrain yourself from having people over.

3. A New Change is Refreshing

Most people don’t get this opputunity in their entire lifetime. Be grateful and realize that this experience shapes who you are as a person.

4. Be Patient

Moving doesn’t just happen overnight, especially if you have a family moving with you. It’s stressful, yes I know, but stay calm, be firm and vocal about what you want done.


5. You’ll always have Your Friends

Teens and kids have a hard time leaving their friends which may lead them to not make new ones but remind them that they’ll always keep in touch. Through phone calls, play dates, or social media.

10 Summer Must Haves

1. Sunglasses

Some nice pairs of sunnies makes you feel like a celebrity and makes your look way more boujee.

2. Hat

What better way to shade the haters than with a classy hat? A messy hair day surely calls for a baseball hat/floppy hat/other hats? I don’t know.

3. Sandals

Cute sandals totally give off the summer vibe. It goes with a casual day dress or some nice cutoff shorts.

4. Bodysuit

Bodysuits have surely been a staple piece for the summer for the past few years. Cute patterns, or nice lace ones; they’re like rompers- so easy to style.

5. Backpacks

If you’re a teen like me, you’re probably not holding a purse since it’s not practical for your life. If you don’t have a Louis Vuitton or Michael Kors, there are definitely some affordable stylish backpacks in Target.

6. Sunscreen

Just don’t burn or if you’re philipino like me you don’t want uneven tan lines aka (for me) a farmers’ tan.

7. Bathing Suits

Beach Ready. Cute cover ups surely make it easy to go outside like that.

8. Fresh Makeup

Trust me it just makes me cringe when I see a cake full of face makeup on someone in the middle of summer. What’s the point? It slides off anyway and let your skin breathe, people! Tip: Just go for the fresh minimalist makeup look.

9. Flowing Dress

Tight shorts or jeans are cute but in the summer there is some weird sweat stuff going on in there. So the perfect solution is a nice flowy day dress.

10. Water

Stay hydrated, kids. That’s all I got.

Finally have a great summer, cuties!Hope this wasn’t such a complete waste of your time 😉

I Succumb to Beauty Standards

A feminist…..am I? I always see tweets and videos and how my friends are so politically involved with vegetarianism, climate change, feminism, LGBTQ. But the truth is I’m barely educated in these topics, which is very sad. As I wander on Youtube I see great empowering videos where women don’t wear makeup, don’t shave, and wear whatever the f they want. So if I do all these things they’re not doing, this question comes across my mind, am I not a feminist?  Am I what’s wrong with the world? If I do shave my legs, if I wear makeup, if I shop nonstop. If I  like pampering myself; getting manicures, eyebrows threaded, eyelash extensions is this bad? I like beauty and fashion and girly things but it doesn’t mean I’m not a feminist. I know you’re probably expecting an answer to this question but think of this post as more to pose a question instead of giving you a hard full on fact. So the answer is up to you………What do you think?

Summer lovin’

Summer was definetly the bored, grouchy, and sweaty version of me. Everyone was getting tanned and doing things with their friends while I was barely surviving the summer sun. So today I’m going to tell you how to stay cool, fresh, and most importantly not bored.

1. Find A Hobby

School’s over and you suddenly have all this past time to do whatever you want. You could take a class or lesson or just plain practice. ex. calligraphy, painting, cooking, swimming, singing, play an instrument, start a blog 😉

2. Get Ahead of School

Get ahead, even if you’re not in summer school. There are so many resources out on the internet like ixl, youtube, or khan academy. Protip: go to the library and read upon on some books to challenge your mind.

3. Go Shopping

If you saved up on birthday or graduation money, this is your solution! Even if you don’t have money, go window shopping. It’s a great way to keep cool and keep up with all the trends.

4. Binge Watch

Netflix, Youtube, TV, your choice. Just make sure not to overdose or you’ll get bored of the options quickly.

5. Find Local Festivities

Find a friend and ask someone to drop you off if you don’t have a car, or feel free to walk if it’s a windy day. Go downtown, to a museum, concert, sale, or a festival.

6. Workout

The end of summer always ends up with me gaining 10 pounds and my brain turned off permanently. But this time, I’m determined. Even though it’s hot, go in a gym or take a class. Maybe even go swimming.

7. Clean

I’m sure your parents wouldn’t mind this one! If you have the whole house to yourself and nothing planned that day:clean. Blast the music and dance your little heiny out!

8. Create a Bucket List

You have to get motivated for this summer and the best way to do that? Create a list. Make new friends, hug a stranger, do a random good deed, volunteer, etc.

5 Ways to Get Out of the School Funk

1. Get a Planner

If you’re an organizing freak like me, you LOVE stationary. What better way to get excited for school and get your homework done than a cute planner? These are adorable and fun to decorate with gel pens.

2. Watch Motivating Videos on Youtube

Youtube has a plethora of videos of all different categories. It’s a literal black hole. Some great school/motivation channels are Study with Jess,Lavendaire, and Muchelleb. No better way to get motivated than by other people!

3. Write Neat Notes

Notes……sounds dreadful huh? No! Once you decorate them and find YOUR way of writing notes, it’ll be so pleasing to look at and may encourage you to study. If your teacher allows you, write in fun color gel pens/markers. Show your creativity. Need inspiration? Just look up hand lettering or calligraphy on Pinterest or Instagram.

4. Find a Reason to Go to School

School is for you to learn and have fun (even though it doesn’t seem like it.) So find a reason to go to school. Like the cute boy who’s in your class, your favorite teacher, your weird friends, even that photography or art class at the end of the day. Find something you love. 😉

5. Get a Calendar

New year= new calendar! These are great for planning and even to look back on in future years. Maybe even get a merch calendar, like Ariana Grande, Sugglife, or One Direction. I don’t judge.